Meet the girls.....

LeAnn Salazar  is a mighty tornado of creativity, and owner of Pure Photography by LeAnn.  She just recently opened up an etsy shop where she sells the most adorable custom made party invitations and decor.   
Aside from her photography business and etsy shop, LeAnn is an expert on organization, productivity, interior design and party planning.   We are so fortunate to host Creative Tea Time at her charming house in Capo Beach.  
When LeAnn isn't making lists, organizing, cooking vegan meals for her firefighter husband, she can be found down at the beach, surfing with her two beautiful beach-babe children, Chloe and Caleb.  And when her gal pal, Tracy's business gets too busy for one person... LeAnn puts on yet another hat, and works for Creme de la Gems as Tracy's assistant.  

Tracy Rogers is the owner of Creme de la Gems.  Her love of art, doer of her dreams, making things perfectly detailed and unique, with a big dose of cute, are what fuel her handmade jewelry and accessory biz. Tracy works out of her intimate design studio (aka: le' garage) in beautiful San Clemente, is a mother to two boys, Justin and Aidan, and a step-daughter, Taylor.  A retired professional dancer/choreographer and romantic dreamin' bohemian gypsy at heart... Fairy tales, sweet vintage findings with a history, and all things pink inspire Tracy's' designs. She is a self proclaimed "mess maker." And because of her unique talent of leaving things a mess, Tracy decided to put that quality of into her brand. So you might stumble upon images of sloppy kitchen utensils, a not-so-groomed Persian named marbles, spilled jars of beads, and especially, messy grammar. Tracy's craft medium of choice is polymer clay, but has a deep passion for graphic design and working with metal. Specifically fine & sterling silver.  You might remember Tracy for her very popular creative handmade market displays at The Queen Bee Markets, hosted in both Southern California and Utah.  Read more about her on her blog.

We cannot wait to meet you! 

Where did Meagan go, you asked?  Our high energy, fun loving, social butterfly is still around!  Just not behind the scenes of Creative Tea Time.  Dedicated first to her family in the desert... time just doesn't allow her the additional time, energy and commitment, Creative Tea Time demands.